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  • Vegan Ribs

    This is the one you have all been waiting for. The recipe they said could not be done. Try It Today!

  • Baked Fritatas

    This is a real easy recipe to make and it's all vegan! No eggs, no milk and no cheese. Tastes Fantastic Too!!


  • Vegan Burger

    I've added beets to this black bean veggie burger to make it look just like a rare burger. Totally Awesome!


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Everyone can do things to get healthier!

By going on a vegan lifestyle, I have lost 60 pounds, and my cholesterol has went from 263 down to 118. I have more energy than I have ever had. It has not only made me physically better, I am mentally sharper, and I have a better spiritual relationship with God. It really is true, body, mind and spirit are definitely all connected.


I also have enjoyed the money that I save. I save a LOT of money because I have my biggest meal for breakfast and am not hungry all day and eat less. If you get rid of all the meats and dairy, you will have plenty of money to buy all the healthy fruits and vegetables, grains and oats, rice, beans and nuts; and you will still have money left over. it's a great way to save money!


And the best part is that my taste buds don't have all that grease all over them and I really get the flavor out of the food. Every thing tastes so much better! I don't even need all the salt, and sugar, and oil to get the flavor.


Save Money, Live Healthier, Enjoy Flavor, You Just Can't Beat a Vegan Lifestyle!!

Mark Anthony



Restricting carbs on a vegan diet

by Emily Jost

I have had type 1 diabetes for over 25 years, aged 11 at diagnosis, and for almost 20 of those have followed a vegan diet. Having been a vegetarian since the age of 5, I decided to cut out eggs and dairy too when I realized that these industries were the same as the ones producing meat, and that dairy cows and even "free range" chickens generally have short and miserable lives.

I have been reading with interest about the benefits of a reduced carb diet to people with Type 1 diabetes for a few months, but always thought that it would be very difficult to do while avoiding animal products. I love food and worried that my choices would be too seriously limited. But about 6 weeks ago I decided to try it, and as a 2 week experiment, cut my daily carb total from about 150g to 90g. I found it not only easy, but enjoyable and have since cut down further to 75g-90g per day, and have noticed less BG spikes and obviously reduced insulin needs (although no weight loss as yet). I am toying with cutting down to 60g per day, but am not quite there yet.

So, what do I eat?

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